Victor Loughlin PhD

My name is Victor Loughlin. I am a skilled copywriter and author with over seven years experience editing my own and other people's work. Whether book length manuscripts, academic articles, book chapters, blog posts, online adverts or news reporting, I can write and edit in styles appropriate to each. My first book was published by Springer in 2022.

What I do


I am the author of nearly 20 academic articles and book chapters. My first book was published by Springer in 2022. It was called 4E Cognitive Science and Wittgenstein. This book demonstrates for the first time how the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein can transform 4E Cognitive Science.


I have a NCTJ qualification in journalism and have previously written for a number of British and Irish newspapers. I have also worked as a production executive and picture editor for two media organizations.


I have copyedited all of my own work. I have also copyedited other people's work. In the later case, I have always adapted my writing style to fit the style of the author.


I can optimise blog posts, articles, web pages and other digital media for search engines. I know how to design and implement digital marketing campaigns for search engines and how to optimize those campaigns using A/B testing or multivariate testing.

Victor Loughlin 4E Cognitive Science and Wittgenstein
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