I am currently writing my first book. The title is 4E Cognitive Science and Wittgenstein.

The book is under contract with Palgrave MacMillan and will be published as part of their New Directions in Philosophy and Cognitive Science series. The blurb for the book is below.

4E Cognitive Science is currently a house divided. Some challenge the orthodox view that representational states and their contents are needed to explain human mentality. Others within 4E continue to subscribe to this orthodox view.

In this book, I take an in-depth look at these debates within 4E. Using insights from the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, I argue that those within 4E should reject the orthodox view. There are no representational states. This then allows those within 4E to unify two current debates, namely the debates over Enacted Mind and Extended Mind. Wittgenstein thus gives champions of 4E the conceptual tools they need to rewire 4E in favour of unity and not division.