Current project

What is the mind? It may seem natural to think that your mind is located inside your head. Indeed, this idea has a long lineage in philosophy and many continue to defend it. Yet is it true?

Think of your Smartphone. Perhaps you do little in your working day without it. Under these circumstances, could your Smartphone be part of your mind? Some philosophers argue that it could. Their argument (along with others) has helped generate a lively debate with, on the one side, ‘internalists’ who claim that the mind is a bodily internal phenomenon, and on the other side, ‘externalists’ who claim that the mind is a bodily external phenomenon.

My project – Removing the Mind from the Head. A Wittgensteinian Perspective – argues that both internalists and externalists are mistaken. I base my argument on the work of the philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein. Wittgenstein was neither an internalist nor an externalist. For Wittgenstein, it is our behaviour that reveals what the mind is. This is because our capacities to think and experience are manifested or displayed in what we do. Set against the backdrop of the internalist/externalist debate, this offers a fresh and innovative approach to understanding the mind. For if Wittgenstein is correct, then we can remove the mind from the head, not in order to locate it in the environment, but rather in order to not locate it all.

A more detailed description of the project can be found here: Project2018FINAL.